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Developing new membranes for screening the secretome of a cell

The Tech For Future project iSlice is a 1 year project where the Nanobio research group and Interfluidics B.V. will be working on a new method iSlice.

The aim of this project is to develop a new, innovative screening method, called iSLICE, that is able to detect many different substances simultaneously. This technology will be used to detect and measure the secretome (i.e. the body of substances secreted by a cell) from individual cells. The number of different substances that can be measured can be realized in 2D via a spotting array and in 3D via the layers.

In addition, a technological road map will be developed within this project, which will indicate how this number of substances to be detected can be further increased.

The aim is to image different groups of molecules in multiple layers (so-called SLICES) with thin porous membranes, which are superimposed and equipped with capture ligands (see image). The imaging of the molecules is then performed in the 3rd dimension, for example with (confocal) fluorescence microscopy. In 2D, a spotting array for individual cells can be used in combination with the 3rd dimension. Also, surface plasmon resonance (SPR) imaging can be used to read the bottom layer, possibly in combination with a 2D array. In this way, the secreted molecules can be measured in real time and “label free” at the single cell level for thousands of cells simultaneously

Time period: September 2019 - September 2020

Projectleader: Maarten van Rossum

Funding: TechForFuture