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Urine sensing in a toilet

Novio Pelvic has developed a Robot Toilet that is able to ID a person and adjust the height of the toilet automatically. The toilet has an integrated flow meter to measure urine flow and volume. Another development is to automatically image the defecation and classify it according to the Bristol scale. The Robot Toilet is developed for applications in nursing homes, in order to monitor persons with respect to urological problems.

The next step is to add a number of sensors within the toilet that are able to measure properties and the composition of the urine. These can be physico-chemical characteristics, such as turbidity, color, temperature and pH, but also includes detecting the presence of specific biomarkers, bacteria or viruses. This information is essential in monitoring the health status of a person, for example to detect dehydration in a very early stage, of a serious infection.

In this project we research which properties and compounds are medically interesting and which sensors are readily available to be implemented in the Robot Toilet. Final objective is to deliver a prototype toilet with a number of integrated sensors.

Time period: February 2021 - February 2022
Projectleader: (TBA)
Funding: TechForFuture

Partners: Novio Pelvic BV (Almelo)