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CelluPanel, cellulose-based wall panels

Project description

Current construction of houses, offices and other buildings is done with materials such as concrete, stone cement, wood and steel. This way of building is very harmful to the environment and climate, both in the initial materials, the necessary transport of materials during construction, and also after use these materials cannot be easily processed and/or reused. In the Netherlands alone there is a shortage in production capacity of 200,000 houses per year, in the coming years. In addition, the demand for the type of houses is changing very rapidly and the current market is not able to facilitate this. Recently, as a result of a ruling by the Council of State concerning nitrogen emissions, a large number of construction projects have been halted. This clearly indicates that things have change and requires a different approach. This project creates the basis for this.

In this project we investigated different methods that allow the incorporation of cellulose in the core as well as the skin of the wall panel, and we also finally delivered a small size wall panel.
In a follow-up project we will further develop the methods already investigated, as well as investigate a number of other issues, which are necessary for the realization of cellulose-based buildings. These include the development of an adhesive to connect the skin and core, the profiles and the possible frame, which can be used to connect multiple wall panels together.

The goal of this project is to investigate how we can realize cellulose-based wall panels along with the components necessary to realize a building.

In this project you will contribute to the development of the wall panels themselves (skin, core and adhesive), a foundation system and profiles (using PP and cellulose extrusion), as well as various protocols for producing cellulose from existing and available waste streams, which can then be used to produce the various components.

Educational programs:
- Applied Physics / Technische Natuurkunde (TN)
- Mechanical Engineering / Werktuigbouwkunde (WTB)
- Chemical Engineering / Chemische Technologie (CT)
-Chemistry / Chemie (C)

Interested, please send your motivation letter and CV before the 4th of July 2022 to
Peter Schön