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New Smart Solution projects

(starting September 2020)

NanoBio offers 6 different multidisciplinary 3S projects for which we are looking for students. Click on the title for more information.

Project name

Students needed from:

Beat-It, Heart-on-a-Chip

Biology and Laboratory Research, Applied Physics, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry, Industrial Design

Breast Cancer and metastasis on chip

Biology and Laboratory research, Mechatronics, Health and Applied Technology, Chemistry, Applied Computer Science

CovidSens, rapid COVID-19 detection with photonic biosensors

Applied Physics, Biology and Laboratory Research, Chemistry, Health and Applied Technology

CytokineSens, developing new technology for sensitive detection of cytokines in blood

Biology and Laboratory Research, Chemistry, Nursing

DaVinciQD, dating fingerprints using quantum dots

Forensic Research, Applied Physics, Biology and Laboratory Research, Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering

SRMC, smart responsive microbial coatings for protecting wood

Applied Physics, Biology and Laboratory Research, Chemistry, Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering

Thesis assignment or internship

Looking for an interesting multidisciplinary project, internship or thesis project? 

Due to the very multidisciplinary nature of our research, we have projects for students with various backgrounds, including biology/medical laboratory, chemistry, chemical technology, applied physics, electrical engineering, industrial design, forensic research, textiles and many others.

Projects are either within the research group at Saxion, Enschede or at one of the partners, we collaborate with.


Please contact Martin Bennink for more info on current projects.