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Internship for developing a self-cleaning carwrap

6th February 2021

Boa Nova Retail (in Woerden) is interested in developing sustainable solutions. For this project they want to develop a car-wrap that is dirt-repellent and self-cleaning. In the context of this project NanoBio wants to look for a bio-inspired nano- or microstructured surface, that has the above-mentioned properties. Next step is whether we can produce this in a thin foil.


Internship for chemistry or materials science student

4th January 2021

At this moment within the project CelluPanel we do have an open position for a chemistry student, or student with a background/interest in materials science

The project CelluPanel is a collaboration of NanoBio, with 2 other research groups within Saxion (Lightweight Structures and Sustainable Building Technology) and the company XEO B.V. The aim of the project is to develop lightweight construction panels based on cellulose material, as a first step towards a new building concept that is climate-neutral and cradle-2-cradle. 

During this internship your main task is to develop and optimize a protocol to bind cellulose flakes into a consistent flexible material that can be used as an insulating core material of the construction panel. 

More information and applications, please send an email to

Internship for applied physics, electrical or mechanical engineering student

4th January 2021

At this moment within the project Smart Groundwater Sensing we do have an open position for a student, with a background in applied physics, electrical engineering or mechanical engineering.

In this project NanoBio colloborates with the Saxion research group Bodem en Ondergrond and Antea Group in Deventer on the development of groundwater sensors.  Aim of the project is to develop a low-cost sensor that can be positioned on top of a tube that is currently used for measuring groundwater levels. This sensor must be able to continuously measure the level of the groundwater and send the results wirelessly.

All the data from multiple sensors are collected and from this the groundwater data can be mapped in a spatial and temporal manner. 

Your task in the internship is to look for sensor concepts that might be used for this. One or two of these concepts will be realized and tested.

For more information and applications, please send an email to

Thesis assignment or internship

Looking for an interesting multidisciplinary project, internship or thesis project? 

Due to the very multidisciplinary nature of our research, we have projects for students with various backgrounds, including biology/medical laboratory, chemistry, chemical technology, applied physics, electrical engineering, industrial design, forensic research, textiles and many others.

Projects are either within the research group at Saxion, Enschede or at one of the partners, we collaborate with.


Please contact Martin Bennink for more info on current projects.