at the interface of nanotechnology and life sciences

Safe and Societally Robust Innovative Materials and Products

Societal values and needs change over time. Environmental risks, public acceptance, ethical concerns, stakeholder perspectives, or policy measures – all these variables influence the technology curve. As technology developer, engineer and entrepreneur you can define and anticipate the societal impact of your innovation to increase its uptake in society!

In this project we develop lecture material to integrate societal impact in technical study programs and to train researchers and engineers on this topic. In collaboration with the research group “Science, Technology and Policy Studies” of the University of Twente, the RIVM and the lectorate Ethics and Technology at Saxion we are currently collecting and improving existing lecture material. The material is implemented during lectures at various Bachelor and Master programs at the University of Twente and at Saxion.

Additionally, we are working on an infrastructure for navigating innovations responsibly into society. We use the previously developed CTA toolbox ( as a carrier to create attention and urgency for the topic of societal impact and for its implementation on an institutional and organizational level. Furthermore, we are investigating the relevance and application of these and similar tools in industry.

This project is part of the NWA startimpuls, speerpunt Quantum/Nano-revolutie.

If you are interested in this topic for educational, scientific or commercial purposes, please do not hesitate to contact Verena Schulze Greiving.

Time period: January 2018 – October 2021

Project leader: Verena Schulze Greiving