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Developing cellulose-based wall panels (SIPs) for construction applications

Current construction of buildings is done with materials such as concrete, stone, cement, wood and steel, which is quite harmful to the environment and has severe consequences for our climate. This is true for producing these materials, transporting them to the construction site, but also for the period after use, as most of these materials cannot be recycled easily.

In the Netherlands alone, there will be a shortage in building capacity of about 200.000 houses per year for the coming years. Furthermore the demand for the type of buildings changes fast and the current market is not able to facilitate this. Recently, many construction projects have been forced to stop, as a direct result of a decision as the result of a verdict of the "Raad van State" on nitrogen emission. All this clearly asks for a different approach. This project will be a first step.

This projects aims to realize wand panels (socalled SIPs) based on cellulose-based materials, that can be extracted from existing waste streams. Cellulose will be used as isolating core material as well as for producing the protective skins on wither side. These wall panels will be a key component in a novel way of building, which enables cheaper, more flexible and climate-neutral building.

Time period: January 2021 – January 2022
Projectleader: (TBA)
Funding: TechForFuture

Partners: XEO B.V.