at the interface of nanotechnology and life sciences

MSc Applied Nanotechnology

Saxion University of Applied Sciences in Enschede offers this unique 2-year MSc program in Applied Nanotechnology. The program focuses on the development of innovative micro- and nanotechnology-based products and applications. Fusing elements of biology, chemistry, electrical engineering and physics results in nanotechnological materials and devices with unprecedented properties.

The program starts in September each year and the language of instruction is English

Subjects year 1

- Calculus
- Interfaces and Polymers
- Dynamic System Modelling
- Nanomaterials
- Practical courses I, II and III
- Research and Development Project
- Data Sciences
- Capita selecta courses in:
   - NanoBio
   - Electronics for microsystems
   - (Bio)chemistry of surfaces
   - Microfluidics
   - Photonics for microsystems
   - Quantum Mechanics and its applications

Subjects year 2

- Society & Technology
- Business & Finance
- Data Analysis & Data Presentation
- Master thesis project