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Microfluidic devices: From high-end to user-applications using low-cost technologies

Traditionally, microfluidic devices are made in cleanrooms using expensive (photolithography) techniques in combination with chemical etching. Moreover, expertise and a lot of equipment is needed to connect the microfluidic devices and perform a measurement. Jokingly, this refers to Chip in a Lab instead of Lab on a Chip. This makes the path towards an applications laboriously.

In this LOC2Use project, the research group NanoBio and the research group Industrial Design, in close cooperation with different companies, aim to make LOC technology accessible for the users by developing low-cost technologies. For this, we will focus on three fields: medical, environmental and forensic and collect their needs and wishes and develop low-cost technologies and LOC devices for this. Moreover, all our findings will be collected in an encyclopedia to distribute our findings to other fields.  

Time period: June 2020 – June 2023
Project leader: Floor Wolbers
Funding: Raak-MKB