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A new glucose sensor for the artificial pancreas

One out of 14 persons in the Netherlands suffers from diabetes mellitus. They actively have to keep their blood glucose level within a certain range with insulin and food-intake to prevent complications. In close collaboration with Inreda Diabetic BV (in Goor), the manufacturer of the artificial pancreas (AP), we aim to develop an innovative glucose sensor, for their device to measure glucose in the institual fluid just under the skin. This sensor needs to be faster, more accurate and can be used for a longer time as compared to the currently used glucose sensor.

With this new sensor the AP is able to better regulate a person's glucose levels and reduces the chance of additional complications. In addition to the technical development of the glucose sensor, we will furthermore research the desired requirements from the user's perspective and acceptance of the AP and the new sensors.

Time period: March 2021 - March 2022

Projectleader: Aurel Ymeti
Funding: Pioneers in healthcare grant